Committee Members, Blind Rocks UK

Mr. Geoffrey B. Smith


Dr. Suraj S. Vaidya, PhD

General Secretory

Mrs. Rojina P. Rai


Ms. Prasangsa Limbu

Media Coordinator

Mr. Hemanta Gurung

General Member

Mrs. Sumina Dawadi


Ms. Sristi KC

President BRN /Advisor 

        Mr. Aravind Bala

            IT Advisor 

Short Bio of Mr. Geoffrey B. Smith, President BRUK

Geoffrey Smith is now 65 years and he has visual impairment for lifelong. He went to university and gained a sociology degree after which he worked as a rehabilitation officer for blind and visually impaired people for  20 years. In his voluntary life, he loved playing cricket so he played blind cricket for 30 years and represented by country 20 times. It was in this role that he was elected Secretary-General to Blind Cricket between 2002 and 2007 and eventually became president for a brief time in 2008. He also helped to introduce Nepal to the game of blind cricket and visited there in 2007. Along with few good friends from Pakistan, he helped Nepal developing blind cricket team and he helped Nepal become a member of World Blind Cricket (WBC).

He was very impressed when he noticed in Pokhara, Nepal that visually impaired Nepali girls and young women were playing blind cricket. In his continuing role to develop blind cricket in other countries and in his own, he is now helping a British team that has already been to Nepal and now visit West Indies this summer. He thinks it is important that blind people get as many opportunities as sighted people in every aspect of life and they live life with dignity. This is one reason why he is a big supporter of blind rocks and he feels honored to be the president of Blind Rocks UK.