Provide continual support for Blind

Support to improve life

We plan to establish a center called “Blind Rocks! Peer Support Center” soon. Blind Rocks! Peer Support Center (BRPSC) will provide support to blind people via Peer group where they share knowledge and experience regarding education and job opportunity, provide emotional, social and moral support to each other. Blind people trained for supporting another blind friend will be registered with Blind Rocks and they will be called “Peer Support Supervisors” (PSS). To register as a PSS in BRPSC, one need to be blind and willing to help others. Thus, our Peer support system will keep the data base of all PSS and a list of all potential blind people who may want support from such a peer group.

A well trained individual, Peer Support Administrator (PSA), will stay available online as well as over the telephone, during office hours, to help connect peer groups. The PSA will provide information, make appointments for Peers (equals) to meet and provide information and other support to blind person when and where required.

Support during natural disaster

In every way possible we stand for the welfare of blind and visually impaired people. In addition to regular empowerment activities, we also help them during the hard times of natural disaster.

Therefore on April 25 when a massive earthquake hit Nepal and through the generous financial and moral support that was granted by several organizations and individuals, we provided aid for earthquake victims.