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Sristi KC, the founder of Blind Rocks!, is a dynamic, and charismatic personality. She is one of the most inspiring, witty, engaging, and sought-after motivational speakers. Not only her breathtaking speeches, but also her captivating, mind-blowing, and graceful dance performances are an inspiration to many audience. Sristi’s essential messaging focuses on the theme “disability is possibility”, and that the blind have no barriers. She sees every new challenge as an opportunity to problem solve, strategise and find new solutions.

Her inspiring and both heart warming life story is indeed an inspiring lesson from which many can learn about the challenges of life. She has not let her blindness come in the way of her progress, she continues to climb the ladder to success. She somehow possesses the extraordinary ability to capture the attention of millions!.

Her motivational speaking career has taken her from her country Nepal, to India, Russia, Korea,and  Honkong. She is yet to make her mark in many more countries across the world in the days to come!.

If your company, organization or team wants to embrace the "No Barriers" spirit and shatter the perceptions of what is possible, Sristi will definitely prove through her inspiring, lively, and fiery speech that one does not need perfect eyesight to have extraordinary vision.

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Sristi KC the founder of Blind Rocks! is a living example of the theme that disability is possibility. She has managed to break the barriers of blindness through her captivating, mind-blowing, and graceful dance performances which serve as an inspiration to many audience worldwide. She continues to be an unique living example in her extraordinary and unique ability to captivate the audience, through her majestic dance performances. Despite the fact of being blind, her body language always appears to be perfect. Her graceful dance performances with accurate movements and facial expressions often leave the audience with tears in their eyes. Due to her innate, ability to transport the audience on a new journey with her  goddess like dance performance. Her dancing career has led her to be the star in different parts of the world, ranging from Nepal, India, Russia, Korea, Hong Kong, UK, France and she still has many places to go!

If your company, organization, or institution, would  like to loses self in the mesmerizing dance performance of a blind artist, Sristi will be more than delighted to be invited by you.

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