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Sristi KC at "The Evening Guff With Naresh" - ImageKhabar

At ImageKhabar studio, Sristi KC was interviewed by Naresh, click on link below to watch this. 
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Blind Rocks! at CAN Info-tech conference, Kathmandu

Danfe TV has interviewed President of Blind Rocks!, Sristi KC and members of Bright Star Society regarding the information and technology that are used by blind and visually impaired people.  Do you want to know how they work? Clink the link below and watch how it works.  
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World Disability Day: How Sristi KC and Pranav Lal live their dreams

Kathmandu-based Sristi KC did not let her disability be the decision maker in her life after she lost her sight at 16. She continued to pursue her studies and hobbies. Now, a decade later, she holds a Master's degree in Dance Anthropology from Europe, is a dance instructor, performer, motivational speaker, and the founder of Blind Rocks — an NGO teaching dance to the visually impaired across the world.

"I love dancing. As a child I would imitate performers on TV and would also participate in dance competitions,"....
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Tough Talk with Shristi KC in Kantipur TV

Dil Bhusan Pathak interviewed visually impaired Sristi KC, founder of "Blind Rocks ! " in the program called Tough Talk aired by Nepali National Television Channel called in Kantipur TV. Sriti talked about her journey which started when she was 16 year old and became blind but she proudly says that she lost her sight but not the vision. She talked about her academic journey in Europe. 

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Sristi KC - I Lost My Sight But I Found My Vision | The Inspire Nepal Show

Sristi KC was interviewed at "The Inspire Nepal Show" through U Inspire TV, broadcasting worldwide in partnership with Nepali TV on 7th May 2017. 

During this interview she mentioned how her passion to empower the blind people to enjoy life like any other sighted person grew and how she started organizing various workshops in Nepal and India. She also mentions that reactions of her participants encouraged her even more to set up “Blind Rocks!” an organisation that will empower  blind people to live their life as any other sighted person.

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In NMag TV on 6 September 2016, presenter Indira Joshi covered Sristi KC's Interview with highlights of her motivational speeches, outdoor activities along with BlindRocks! organisation and its mission. 

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Sristi KC's inspirational interview for Danfey TV

Sristi KC, the president of Blind Rocks was interviewed by Trilok Sharma for Danfey TV today on 29th January 2018. She spoke about her life and her dreams. to listen to her full interview click link below. (In Nepali language)


6th Beauty with a Purpose- A Charity Event in London

On 25 November 2017, Miss UK Nepal 2017 team organised a charity event ‘6th Beauty with a Purpose’ for Blind Rocks. They were able to raise a total of £2,500.00 during the event. They were delighted that they were receiving more funds even weeks after the event was completed. The final amount of Rs. 3,49,105.00 was handed over to Sristi KC (founder of Blind Rocks). (In Nepali language)

Shristi KC at FNJ Press Charity Night in UK

Sristi KC, the founder of Blind Rocks! was sailing through the final stretch of her academic journey in London. She was invited for the Inspirational speech at FNJ Charity Night in UK. Everest Channel published her Speech on 30th May 2017. 

Watch her giving speech at   (In Nepali language)

Announcement of making 'Blind Rocks' a biopic movie

Medianp Presents an exclusive footage from the announcement program of new Nepali movie 'Blind Rocks' on 21 June 2016. The movie will be based on the life story of Sristi KC, the founder of Blind Rocks! 

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Sristi KC - A vision for life

Nepali Times on 17th March 2016 published highlights of Sristi KC's life in her own words. 

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Beauty and fashion workshop

A three day long Beauty and Fashion workshop conducted by Blind Rocks in April 2016 and covered by media Nagarik Khabar patrika. The workshop was conducted for 3 days and for 28 blind and visually impaired girls. 

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Blind girl learning to wear makeup.

Dance Like No one is watching - Article on Sristi by RNIB, UK

Sristi, a blind dancer from Nepal, is challenging society’s perceptions by teaching dance to blind and partially sighted people worldwide.

When Sristi was a young girl in Nepal, she had a complication with her eyes which led to her developing glaucoma by the age of 14. By the age of 16, she was completely blind.

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