Fundraise for Blind Rocks!

Are you a social person? Or do you have many friends and big family? You could be our Patron Ambassador by advocating to raise funds for us.
You will be offered a certificate of Patron Ambassador when you achieve either of the following:-

  • Help us getting 10 Blind Rocks Gold Members or 15 gold and silver members.
  • Raise 50,000 NPR or more through any of the following fund raising strategies.

Please message us to find out in detail using “Contact Us” menu that is on the right top corner of this website if you are interested in any of the following-

Blind Rocks! Walk

Use your second sight (दिव्य दृष्टि) and feel the difference !!

We plan to organize this event every year in Nepal starting from 2018 where sighted people take an opportunity to walk with blind people; be a friend of a blind person or walk blindfolded to feel the world through blind person’s perspective.
In this event sighted people can either walk side by side with their blind partner or be blindfolded to walk in darkness. Those who choose to be blindfolded are requested to bring their trustable friend so that they can walk without fear. All participants are required to enrol themselves for this event thus requested to register well before time.
The person wanting to help us for fund raising can bring a group of people who are willing to participate in this event and register as a group with us. The registration fees for this event is NPR 500.00 per person. Once you are enrolled, we will be sending you a detail program of this event nearer to the date. This event not only help us raising the funds but also integrates blind people into main stream society.

Host a tea party for family and friends

This event applies both in Nepal as well as UK. If you are a social person and willing to do a little work at home preparing tea and cakes for friends and family, this is the best way to raise the funds for us. Request us for the official invitation letter, we will send you this through email. All you need to do is, decide the date and send this letter to all your friends and family. Ask them to confirm their visit and buy tickets for the tea party for NPR 200.00 each (£ 2.00).
On the day, prepare tea for all and bring some snacks from market host a tea party. As you are having the tea, talk with them about the great work that you are doing for the Blind Rocks! and tell them what Blind Rocks! is about and what Blind Rocks is doing.