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The work of Blind Rocks! is based on donations and sponsorship, thus your support is very valuable to us. If you would like to contribute to the work of Blind Rocks!, please let us know through our Contact Us form on the right corner of our website.

We Very much appreciate and are grateful to the contributions that you have made for our organization, without which we could not have come so far in our dream journey. Your generosity and support encourages us in doing even better and keeps reminding us about our mission.

Our Donors list

1) Braille without Borders Foundation, Germany
2) Asian Mahila Association, United Kingdom
3) British Gorkha Welfare Scheme, Nepal
4) Samsara Eventus and KUNCHA's Hair and Beauty Art, Australia
5) ST Xavier Social Welfare, Nepal
6) Ms. UK Nepal 2017 - A charity event  “Beauty with the purpose”
7) Association of St. Mary's Alumnae Nepal- ASMAN

Individual Donors (One-time cash donation NPR 5000 or less)

1) Sabitri Devi Shrestha
2) Mr Robin Shakya

Our Sponsors list

1) Mr. Hemanta Gurung - Sponsored Tikapur workshop Transportation
2) Dr. Kishor Vaidya - Sponsored Blind Rocks website for 2 years starting from October 2017
3) Ms. Firoj Shakya - Sponsored furniture for Blind Rocks Office