Donate for the cause and be a member

Are you thinking of donating? You are most welcome to make a donation for the life changing events that Blind Rocks! is carrying out but at the same time, we also want you to be a part of us. We offer you our membership as a return gift for your donation. Every penny that you donate will be used in life changing activities for blind people. All our members will be listed in our website. Our aim is to grow bigger with you.
You have a wide range of choices that how you would want to donate. We have set our donation amount at different levels. You can either donate as onetime payment or in smaller installments. See below for the details.

Please message us to find out in detail using “Contact Us” menu that is on the right top corner of this website if you are interested in becoming the member of Blind Rocks!

Individual membership

  1. Blind Rocks Platinum Member (BRPM) – NPR 50,000 one time
  2. Blind Rocks Diamond Member (BRDM) – NPR 25,000 one time
  3. Blind Rocks Gold Member (BRGM) – NPR 1000/month for 1 year
  4. Blind Rocks Silver Member (BRSM) – NPR 500/per month for 1 year

Corporate membership

  1. Platinum Corporate Member (BR-PCM) – NPR 300,000
  2. Diamond Corporate Member (BR-DCM) – NPR 200,000
  3. Gold Corporate Member (BR-GCM) – NPR 100,000
  4. Silver Corporate Member (BR-SCM) – NPR 50,000