Welcome to Blind rocks!

A worldwide organization  with the unique idea of empowering the blind  throughout the world through various forms of art such as dance, theatre, fashion, beauty, and personality development!

Our vision:

Our mission:

Our concept:

To see a barrier-free environment where the blind are empowered to use their potential, contribute and be at the forefront of society. To see a world where the blind are living proud and dignified lives, where they can walk into a party and participate with their heads up high

To empower the blind worldwide, by  providing them with effective personality development training, and  to also provide them training in various forms of art. We offer courses in the art of daily survivals for blind children, youth and young adults, ages 10 to 30, in collaboration with a network of likeminded  organizations all around the world.

Blindrocks adopts a unique approach. We at blindrocks focus on the importance of social interactions which are often ignored by many.It is often the case that the  blind are unable to socially interact properly with their sighted colleagues due to lack of confidence,or misconceptions of the sighted about blindness. Here the blind are given a wide range of opportunity, for thrilling adventure, dance, theatre,  and fashionable expression.  We believe that  even the blind have equal right to experience the various secrets of life. We at blindrocks urge the  blind to polish their inner souls and outer bodies. The colorful mediums of  Our workshops brighten their lives!


Blindrocks! reaches out to the blind and visually impaired people across the world, by collaborating with worldwide likeminded organizations.In collaboration with such organizations, blindrocks conducts workshops and various kinds of  training programmes in personality development, different forms of art, and effective communication skills.