Who we are

We are Blind Rocks! an organization first established in Nepal in 2014 by a group of like-minded people who had a common goal of empowering blind people.

Who are Blind Rocks UK (BRUK)? How are Blind Rocks Nepal and Blind Rocks UK  associated?

Blind Rocks, as a result of its growing activities, experiences, and shared dreams got an opportunity to expand its wing beyond the border. United Kingdom became the first country to join hand with Blind Rocks and live their dreams together by establishing the “Blind Rocks UK” a society committed to help Blind Rocks in Nepal in the year 2017. Like-minded friends in the UK who are very closely associated with Blind Rocks Nepal had decided to share the dreams of Blind Rocks and responsibility to empower blind people in Nepal and around the world.

Blind Rocks UK was established on 21st of August 2017 with 5 committee members and 3 advisors under the presidentship of Mr. Geoffrey B, Smith who also is visually impaired like Sristi K.C. with a tremendous amount of energy to deliver positive vibes for empowering blind people around the globe through his sporting skill of cricket.

Though Blind Rocks UK was established as a sister society of Blind Rocks Nepal, it is a  separate body, with 5 titled committee members and its own constitutional document and functions independently from Blind Rocks Nepal. However, the activities of Blind Rocks UK will always be focused on empowering blind people in Nepal and beyond to help Blind Rocks Nepal in its mission.